Post your Photographing the photographer.


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I must have missed reading about you getting a D500! No doubt you are loving it! :heart: I have no plans to get one, but I will say I finally bonded with DX when I got my D7200. Two D90's and a D7100 never quite cut it for me, but out of the box, my D7200 has been great.

The way he positioned the tripod is great. Thanks for sharing - I might be able to make use of doing it this way myself. ;)

Thanks Cindy!

Chris gave me the D500 for my birthday in December. What a guy!

When this guy handed me his smartphone, he mentioned his friend was getting a lot of flack for blocking the boardwalk with his tripod, so he wanted to show him how to properly set it up. I got the whole image on his cell, but wasn't far enough away with the Tamzooka.


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@Roy1961 and [MENTION=26505]Dawg Pics[/MENTION] expressing their joy at my arrival



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A guy that wasn't too stable on his feet, but managed to get set up and take some long exposure shots of the small waterfall.