Post your Photographing the photographer.


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Hipster walking in a graffiti alley with his fuji and long lens



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A good friend of mine (a photographer too), showed me some photos taken by his tablet - he was very much impressed with the quality of it's built-in camera. I claimed that my, less expensive and somewhat older "S8000 Jet" can produce photos just as good as those. My friend did not believe me, but finally had to agree...
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On my last trip to the local arboretum, I had a run in with a 'Pro' (which, in his case, meant his primary doctor was a proctologist) that was quite discouraging. Today, back at the Arb, I had a really great encounter with another Nikon shooter (800E, 300mm prime -- drool) that made up for that bad memory. We had a great back and forth about techniques, shooting spots, and gear. He isn't shooting here, but I don't care