Post your dragonflies and bees/wasps


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For some reason the dragonflies seem to really like the antenna on my old beater car as a perch. Almost every time I go out the door there is one resting on the little ball tip of it. Some are a little skittish and others will let me get quite close. Unfortunately, it doesn't present the most appealing backdrop, but it does allow me to get some pictures of them pretty much whenever I want. That new 200-500 allows me a lot of distance from the critter, and it normally doesn't intrude into their personal space. The down side is it doesn't fill the frame that well, and I have to crop more than I might like to get a good filled frame.

BTW when I was growing up in Florida, we called them mosquito hawks. Seemed like an appropriate name to me.



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Clovishound, Nice dragonflies on an antenna photo. You new 200-500 lens is doing the job.

Yeah, had a little scare with my new Z5. Got something on the sensor. Tried to clean it and made it worse, thought I might have ruined the sensor. Ordered a sensor cleaning kit. Took a couple tries to get everything, but I have it spotless now. I guess I have to be more careful when changing lenses. I got complacent with the DSLR having a mirror to protect the sensor.

Now that I have that sorted, I will try and get out and spend some quality time with the new lens. Still stuck around the house for the most part, but my wife is progressing well, and I hope to not be tied to the house so much in a couple months.
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