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Rainy day yesterday, so I blew some bubbles.




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My wife and I went up to the Farmers and Threshermens' Jubilee in New Centerville, PA (Somerset County near Flight 93 Memorial). Interesting collection of old machinery - coal-fueled steam tractors, old diesel generators, etc. Linky: Farmers and Threshermens Jubilee | New Centerville | Somerset County | 4 Fall Festivals in the Laurel Highlands

Due to the nature of the subject, I experimented with Black and White. I think it works better than color for some of these old subjects. I converted color to B&W in Photoshop Elements, and selected the "Urban" setting. Hope you enjoy.

(Click for 960X size)

Chicago Pneumatic Diesel Engine and Generator.
Built in Franklin PA. 800 HP at 300 RPM.
Generator is Electric Machinery Manufacturing in Minneapolis, MN.
Output is 2,400 volts / 181 amps at 300 RPM.
And very noisy!!

I tried several angles on this old oil can and picked this as my favorite.

Control panel and pushrods/rockers/tappets on end cylinder.
The photo cannot begin to convey the noise!! LOL

I'm working on a few steam tractor photos - coming soon.

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Some old steam tractor photos from the Farmers' and Threshermens' Jubilee as mentioned in the previous post. Farmers and Threshermens Jubilee | New Centerville | Somerset County | 4 Fall Festivals in the Laurel Highlands

Again, I experimented with Black & White because of the old subject matter.

One of many nice restored old steam tractors. Nice headlight. LOL

The cockpit, complete with coal shovel.

I'm guessing it's the steam pressure gauge.

Almost all of these old machines were dripping water. Lots of steam pressure on old fittings.


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Michael J.

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Just testing handheld, high Iso

I am impressed with the performance of the Nikon D7200.

I thought my Olympus with the 12-40 2.8 pro was superb, but the Nikon D7200 with the Sigma 17-50 2.8 is just amazing


Michael J.

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Yesterday I tested high ISO, night and sport. Here you can see my daughter at her training for the next competition

I love that camera



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I've been pretty busy lately and finally found time to edit/post photos from the past month. I was out around West Virginia enjoying the fall colors (what little we had this year).

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Sunrise at Cooper's Rock - about 15 miles east of Morgantown WV.

Beautiful colors of sunrise over the river fog.

Come sit a spell and enjoy nature!

Trees on the foggy hillside catching their first light of day.
(Oops - I shot this one on my wife's D3200)

Along Bland Hill Road near Spruce Knob WV.

Another view of Bland Hill Road. One of my favorite drives.

I slipped over the border into Maryland for this photo of Casselman Bridge along old Rt 40 (National Road).


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One more that I missed uploading. We sometimes are busy looking at the "big picture" to see the beauty right under our nose. I know I'm guilty.