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Long story, short version... I've had one of the new 500PF lenses on order for over five months from a local dealer. About a month ago, I decided to try my luck getting one from Nikon so I now have two on order. Wifey & I have a get away to FL coming up soon & I'm getting nervous about the lens, so I go ahead & pick up a Tamron 150-600 G2 for wifey so she has something manageable for the trip. (that was last weekend). We went out so she could get used to it yesterday. Here are a couple shots she got. Needless to say, she likes the Tammy....

It was a Red Shouldered Hawk afternoon.
Dallas, TX.

TLM RSH WRL-295.jpgTLM RSH WRL-345.jpgTLM RSH WRL in nest-266.jpg


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Predictably, the saga continues. During lunch today, I got a call from a local camera shop where I had put my name "on the list" for a 500PF a couple months back and forgot about it. They had one and my name had made it to the top of list - "Are you still interested in a 500PF" they asked! Well *&%@ YES, I am!

So.... a week after getting the Tammy G2, a 500 PF shows up - not even from either of the two place I have them on order.

I took the afternoon off & went down to pick it up. On my way home, I stopped by the lake to snap a few with it. I LIKE IT! :)

The GHO shot is hte very 1st image captured with the 500PF. It was really difficult to get a clear line of sight, so this is what I got.

Can't wait to get this one out some more!

T502 500PF Test Mockingbird-861.jpgT502 500PF Test GHOs-001.jpg


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QUOTE=PhilM_TX;696309]… Wifey & I have a get away to FL coming up soon ...


Where in FL Phil? If you're anywhere near Delray/Boynton Beach let me know and I'll give you a tour of Wako/Green Cay.


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That would be terrific Marilynne!

Our 1st three days are in that exact area. We are hoping to visit Green Cay, Wakodahatchee, & possibly Lake Okeechobee. We are totally open to recommendations for birding in the area.

We've been to SW FL several times, but this will be our first trip to the east side.

I'll PM you later with the dates we will be in your area.

Thank you!!!!



Where in FL Phil? If you're anywhere near Delray/Boynton Beach let me know and I'll give you a tour of Wako/Green Cay.[/QUOTE]


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Here's a few shots from the new 500PF. I sure am loving this lens! Can't wait to get out with it for some interesting subject! So far, I've just been able to go out to a nearby park during lunch & capture whatever may visit my yard.
T502 500PF Downy WP-083.jpgT502 500PF Squirrel-031.jpgT502 500PF FlowerBee-2.jpgT502 500PF Lesser Scuap-464.jpg

Dawg Pics

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Another poppy-scape. Maybe we will get a clear day next week. Too hazy for a good landscape image. I found a place where I can get San Jacinto in the background, but you can barely tell it is there.

poppyscape N 500_9117.jpg


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This is my 10 year old granddaughter posing for me so I could check out my lighting before a class I am helping out with Tuesday night.



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Spotted these two gators in different ponds today. One cooperated and gave my a big smile and the other just didn't seem to be interested in having his picture taken.