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Several years ago I called on a paper mill in Pennington AL. I used to stay in Meridian MS when I spent more than one day there as there were no motels in Pennington. The shortest way to Meridian was to cross an old railroad bridge that was about 1/2 mile long. It was known as the Naheola Bridge. The thing about this bridge is it is only ONE LANE WIDE. In other words you had to share this bridge with a TR AIN. There was a red and green stop light at each end of the bridge but I was always doubtful of its ability to prevent me from becoming a hood ornament for a train. . During the summer there was usually fog over the river. Needless to say my sphincter was puckered up tight enough to cut washers off of it every time I crossed that bridge after dark!

A new bridge to the south of this train wreck waiting to happen has been built now.

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