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Hi There!
I am somewhat new to photography..I bought my Nikon D90 a little over a year ago, and have purchased an assortment of lenses..and acessories. I have just been playing around with it and have taken some "okay" pictures. I have decided to take a course and was wondering if anybody has heard of the photography's an online course. Has anybody taken it, or heard of anyone taking it??


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Hi, Carolyn and welcome to the forum!
You might try any local community college in the area or other university as fotojack suggested. If you're interested in an online class, non-degree, to get you started with the nuts and bolts of digital photography and post-processing, you might try Online Training for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Multimedia Artists, and Hobbyists | Kelby Training
I think they even have a whole video tutorial on the D90.
I've not heard of the photography institute so I couldn't say.

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Thanks for your replies...I live about 4hrs from that won't do:( I think I am going to go with the photography institute..researched it some more, and apparently some famous photographer from New York started wish me luck:)


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I also think that investing in a course at a local community college or even joining a photography club would be a better investment. Though if you live far from civilization (I can relate) this is a lot easier said than done, which makes online learning even more appealing.

I'm a 35 yr old single parent, and have been working towards a college degree for the last 2 yrs by taking most of my courses online. Distance learning can be difficult, because it's 100% self-directed. Make sure that you set aside time each day to work on your projects! I really like the online setup because it allows me to do things in my own time.

Let us know how it goes, keep us posted!