PB-5 Bellows & PS-5 slide adaptor help


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Hello People

I have the above & have some questions

1. Does anyone have or know where to get a copy of the user manuals.

2. If I were to use the PB-5 bellows wth my D610 body would I have issues. i.e is the coupling pre AI ?

3. I'm not sure how to use the PS-5 slide adaptor. I have a bunch of old family slides that I want to digitise. The slide adaptor has a short set of bellows whch look like they pull out and maybe clip into the front of a lens. I'm guessing the lens fits on front of the PS-5 bellows. What length should the lens be & what size diameter should the flter thread on the lens be for it to connect properly.

I here you say get a scanner, but currently I can't justify the expense & happen to have the bellows & slide adaptor. Any help would be appreciated.



Fred Kingston_RIP

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The lens attaches to the front of the bellows... the bellows turns the lens into a macro lens...

the slide holder in that system (the PS-5) attaches to the underside of the bellows and holds the slide in front of the lens...

By adjusting both the bellows and the PS-5, the combination allows you to focus your lens in a 1:1 ratio on the slide... you then set up the whole shebang in front of a white light or pointed at a flash... adjust your exposure, fine tune the focus looking at Live View, and bang... take a digital image of your slide... You now have a RAW image of the slide at the resolution of your camera...

The above assumes you don't have a macros lens...

There is a less expensive solution that uses sort of the same basic process as the above, but instead of a bellows and the PS-5, you use a macro lens with a Nikon Slide Copying Adapter ES-1... The ES-1 is sort of a tube-in-a-tube that allows you to extend the body, similar to the bellows to achieve focus

The ES-1 system, since it screws onto the front of your macro lens, uses your camera's light meter, whereas the bellows, I believe, does not.


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Thanks Fred that makes sense.

I already have the belows & slide adaptor, so buying the ES-1 would be a more expensive route.

I have a 55mm AI-S Macro lens, would that be suitable ?

I'm still unsure if the PB-5 belows are going to screw my D610 lens mount

Fred Kingston_RIP

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Yes... It'll connect... as Sparky says, it's just an F-mount... The bellows should let you use just about any lens under 100mm... the AI-s should work fine...