Notre Dame


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Notre Dame cathedral celebrates its 850th anniversary this year. It took 200 years to build. What an incredible edifice.

All images shot with a P7700 compact.








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Moab Man

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It was outside of Notre Dame that I learned my mother had been lying to me for eighteen years. She would make us kids these "little pancakes" for breakfast every now and then. In front of Notre Dame was a vendor selling crepes​. CREPES?! No those are little pancakes, my mother told me so. Well guess what, she lied! As soon as I got home I gave it to her good for perpetuating a lie across two continents and for eighteen years. She then had the nerve to tell me, "well that's what your grandma always called them when I was growing up." I responded with, "sure mom, blame an old lady that's passed. Have you no scruples?"

​So there you have it, my mothers tale of deceit and how Notre Dame exposed my mothers horrible little lie. However, I did enjoy your pictures.
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Awesome shots.. am quite apprehensive to shoot architecture of this level as i may not do justice...
You've done very well...
Wonder how many secrets are hidden in plain sight in these ancient monuments


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What the hell do you think crepes are?! Little pancakes!! My grandmother made blintzes. Same thing. LOL

Lovely photos. Would love to see a little vertical perspective correction on the first photo (I've started learning to add crop room for that when shooting tall), but otherwise wonderful.