non-Nikon flashes have advantages.


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Plus the price is right too. :)

I put a review of the Aperlite YH-700N flash at Review of the Aperlite YH-700N Speedlight

For $90, it offers full power and features, including HSS and even a Commander Master mode (it can be a hot shoe commander). Plus remote mode too. Works nice, and HSS mode works (unlike the very poor Neewer NW-985N, which didn't). Commander mode is rather difficult to setup, but the flash works well.

Lots of people are not interested in flash, and only fool with them when absolutely necessary. Novice users seem more likely to only use direct flash, and the systems now default to TTL BL mode. That often becomes a problem, and I imagine they have trouble, and things don't work right, and they become uninterested.

But third party flashes cause D-lens data to be ignored, which is good, because zoom lens D-lens reports are typically very poor (inaccurate, like random numbers). If interested, I put an article describing this at
Non-Nikon brand flashes solve the TTL BL and Hot Shoe Extension Cord Problem

My notion is:

We seriously need two new camera menus:

  • A camera menu to directly specify the system will meter flash as TTL or TTL BL mode. The system supports it, the manuals describe them as features, and we had this until Nikon removed it from the flashes, but the $550 SB-910 flash is the only current model that can directly select TTL mode (non-balanced flash mode). Spot metering does it, and can work indoors, but is a poor make-do with its own serious effects on ambient. A menu ought to be in the camera anyway, since it is the camera that does it. We need a straight to the point menu, with no other side effects. We have so many pointless menus, why not this useful one?
  • A camera memo to directly prevent D-lens distance from affecting the metered flash. Nikon must know the zoom lenses report terrible distances, yet they are willing to use it in their design and marketing. That is bad judgment, it has bad effect. Why do we accept this?