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How do I post a 'for sale' item in Nikonites Marketplace. The item is already posted on Panjo Marketplace, put there isn't a thread on the forum web site. When I click on "New Thread" at the top, I am re-direct to the Panjo site. Are there two different procedures for each one?
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We've put rules in place for the Market to safeguard against fraud and to make things fair for everyone.

  1. All items for sale must be posted in the Nikonites Market
  2. You must have at least 200 experience points to post for free in the market. See here for how to earn points. To see how many points you have go to your profile and click on 'Experience'.
  3. If you are a new Nikonites member, there is a 3.5% transaction fee on successful sales.
  4. There must be at least one picture of the item for sale with your username and date in it. For example:

Are the Panjo charges removed now when selling? :confused: It used to be free to list items for sale then Panjo started charging. If not, can the rules be updated to reflect any current fees that are added by Panjo?

Or is it better to sell on Fred Miranda?


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This Marketplace has me a bit confused. Read through all the posts in this thread, and it seems to suggest this service is free, yet when I go to create a new for sale post, the bottom of that page lists fees which are nearly 10%, which is the same as eBay. Also post will not allow pictures to be added for some reason. Wanting to sell a D810.