Nikon F-250 Electric Motor Drive spares


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I hope that someone may be able to help me. I purchased a pair of Nikon F-250 Electric Motor Drives for my Nikon F collection in November 2011. They came from two different sources in the UK and are pretty much the same age, circa 1971. One, S/No 105756, I bought from Mr Cad in Croydon UK as supposedly working, complete with Nikon Type 4 Remote Battery Pack & 1m Lead, whilst the other, S/No 104952, was almost £200 cheaper and promised nothing!

Neither worked upon receipt, which did not really surprise me as forty year old Nikon kit usually needs to visit a repairer for, at the very least, a clean, lubricate and adjust. Finally, after sitting in a long queue of repairs and overhauls I took them both to my repairer this week for some TLC. Within a day he had repaired the cheaper of the pair but stated that, in his professional opinion, the Mr Cad F-250 was "beyond economical repair as it has been butchered, with many of the internal components either missing or damaged." However, cosmetically it looks to be in first class condition as you can see here Peter Russell LBIPP - Nikon.

Has anyone got either a broken F-250 or F-36 Motor Drive that they are willing to part with in order to enable my repairer to fix this one, or are there any parts available from sources that might enable me to return it to working order? I know that parts are out there as I managed to buy a brand new "old stock" terminal jack socket for the working F-250 which had originally been converted to run off a mains adapter.

Thanks for your interest.