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Hey all,

I am very new to photography, and I was trying to enable AF-Mode on my Nikon but it is greyed out as an option. I also get this message when trying to adjust: "This option is not available with current settings". I believe I need to change my lens to Auto mode, but I am not seeing an option on the actual lens for this.

Lens: Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 D.

I am assuming some older lens may not be compatible with this? I'm not sure. Any help with be appreciated!

Thank you!

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The issue is that the lens is of the type that needs an autofocus motor in the camera body in order to use the AF mode. A D3000 is one of the low-end bodies that saves on cost and size by omitting that motor. The higher-end bodies starting about the D7000 range (or D70/D80/D90 before it) have the motor and the "D" type lenses normally work on them.

Generally speaking though, the newer lenses that have the motor inside lens will focus faster and be much quieter as they do. Nikon even made a decision to not support those "D" lenses for autofocus with the FTZ adapter for the Z-body cameras. All it would take is to make a new FTZ adapter with a motor and the extra control logic inside, but I think they are more interested in selling newer lenses.


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Screenshot from 2022-11-26 13-37-05.png

Page 12 of manual down load here


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Hello chrsl567 and welcome,

Maybe one more option if your lens is not AF-S (still a supper fine lens). You could manual focus using the indicator in the camera. This will get you going for a bit. I checked your manual to be sure this would be a valid option.

Maybe the Ken Rockwell suggestion was all you needed.

Welcome - glad you are here!


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