Nikon d1x rEE error af Nikon lens


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i have a Nikon d1x with an AF nikkor 35 to 70 mm lens

if I set the lens to f22 I can take pictures

i want to use it in the manual mode but I get the rEE error. I suspect that this may not be the best lens for me

​any help would be appreciated


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Is the Aperture set for that lens through the camera ?I'm guessing it is... and it might be some bad contacts not letting the camera know what it's set to, so might be an issue with that? don't have that camera or lens, but I'm sure someone here does, or has used it.


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Hi thanks for the response. Can you recommend a budget lens for the d1x that controls the f settings in the lens? Thanks. Am located I'm UK am at a bit of a loss.