May be a crazy question? Nikon D2h WT-2 transmitter windows 8.


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Thank's Fred, That's why I asked as i read the same.
Research didn't get me any answers as well..
Picked it up with a clean D2h two batteries and a charger for $45.00..
Probably just sell it and get half my money back..

Fred Kingston

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There's a Nikon compatibility chart that lists the various WT-1,2,3,4,5,7 along with very specific OS version requirements... In my experience, with Nikon, there's very little leeway in their software version requirements... They're very specific, and if it ain't in their chart, it doesn't work... There are also newer less expensive 3rd party solutions that do more than the Nikon devices do... way less expensive...


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My Mistake it's a WT-1A Transmitter...
I also see this has no info for windows 8 as well, off to Ebay it go's.
Just thought it would be cool to get it to work then go from there..
Thank you Fred..