Looking at the Sigma 100-400 for the Nikon Z50


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I am looking for a longer lens to use on my Z50, i have the 50-250 kit lens and its a lovely lens, i want more reach though without going to the weight and bulk of the 200-500 or 150-600.
I have had the Sigma with my D500 so I pulled the images up to look at the results, then i thought with the lack of a Nikon lens in the reasonable price range i would share some lens sample results as others may be in the same situation.

So all images in this thread are from the Sigma 100-400 and D500.

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I used my z50 with the Sigma 100-400 on my recent 10 day wild life safari in Borneo. Results were only OK. got some very good shots. BUT, the AF is not up to the task in trying shoot birds in low light, forested conditions. Lots of misses. Tried A/S priorities, various matrix focus settings, jacked up the ISO. Still weak. I have used this sigma with my D4s and D810 with EXCELLENT results.