Is Nikon's F4E their most beautiful camera ever?


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After the disastrous "dropping the camera on the jetty rocks" incident a couple of weeks ago, my F4E is back up and running with a new DP-20 finder. It got me thinking, with which camera did Nikon produce their most attractive ever? Let's be honest, Nikon's DSLR's, along with Canon and other makers, are pretty much all the same in appearance and to be frank, pretty BOOORING in appearance. The F4E, with its smooth leather (which I can tell you, can be a real bitch to hold on to when your hands are sweaty, hence the dropping on the rocks incident) and beautiful lines is simply a gorgeous camera with a lot of style. It is also my quietest camera behind the FTN, which of course has no motor drive. My hands are a little on the smaller size, along with the rest of my 5'9", 150lb frame I guess, but none of my Nikon cameras, all 10 of them including both film and digital, feels better in my hands than my F4E. If I had to pick a runner up, I think it would be my FE2 and MD-12 and 3rd place going to the F3HP/MD4. Of course, Nikon's decision to use plastic on the top and finder of the F4 is, well another issue and perhaps a topic of discussion for another time.

What are your thoughts on Nikon's most beautiful film or digital camera?

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