Indian Classical Music Concert


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Yesterday I attended an Indian Classical Music concert. There were two items
1. Classical Vocal
2. Classical Instrumental

I attended the one at Stein Auditorium

Here is the overview of the stage. There were spot lights shining from the top.

I will split the post into two parts, one for vocal and another for instrumental.


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Classical vocal recital. A few images will be to get the idea of the stage arrangements and the performers. The bulk of the images will show the changing mood of the classical singer.

Tuning the instruments

Starting. The performers from left to right - Tabla, Tanpura, Singer, Tanpura, Bells, Harmonium










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The second item in the concert was "Rudra Veena". This instrument is one of the oldest stringed instruments in India, preceding the popular Sitar by a few thousand years. The instrument has two pumpkin "resonators" one at each end. The length is also more than a Sitar, hence the Veena can produce deep bass akin to that produced by Double Bass.

As in most Indian classical music, there is always a drum accompanying the lead instrument. In this case it is the "Pakhavaj". One end is narrower and the other wider, so you get two basic tones. The variations in tone depend on where and how hard each side is played.

The Rudra Veena