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I'm looking for some tips and advice on focus modes, metering, and shutter speeds for hummingbirds? Also release modes? Is it best to capture a single photo or use the continuous modes? I am new to all this. I have seen some videos and ordered a book. Just looking for tips from folks with real life experiences. I have a new z7II and the 100-400mm Z lens. The hummingbirds are in my backyard. I can sit a few feet from them. I've even had a few land on me. lol. Ideally I'm wanting to freeze their winds with the birds as crisp and in focus as possible.

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To try to freeze wings, which is not entirely possible even with 1/8000 shutter speeds at times, you simply need to use the fastest shutter speed you can in the given conditions without driving the ISO up too high. You will want to use continuous shutter release at the fastest frame rate your camera has. They dart in and out quickly, and you'll want as many choices as possible. I Don't know the Z 7II focus modes very well, but I think you want focus area with subject recognition. Others who are more familiar with your camera may have better/more advice. These little guys can be a challenge, and it will take practice to get consistent results. Have fun with them, they are really fun to photograph!


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The surest way to stop wings is to use flash. You will have to be careful not to have enough ambient light to give a ghost effect.

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Thanks for the info. I'm also looking for guidance on focus mode. Single point, Dynamic-Area or Wide-area.
Since they hover and are often near foliage, I would shoot with single point that way you aren't locking onto the leaves. Others might have a different opinion on it.

I am going to recommend you look at Steve Perry's Backcountry Gallery site. He has books specific to Nikon focusing systems, and he has tutorials on shooting wildlife. He is a very good teacher.
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