Headshot for Makeup and hairstylist...




Lighting: 2x Smith-Victor color-balanced white lights (backlighting), 2x 200w Interfit strobes @ 40% power, one SB-800 (overhead) for a hair light, triggered by RPS Studio remote triggers.

Shot a week ago on Saturday. No post-production, save cropping to 4x5 format.
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Joseph Bautsch

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The about the only thing I don't care for in the shot is the wrinkles in the neck line. I find it very distracting. Maybe lowering the right shoulder will remove it and give the neck line a smooth look. Or less of a back shot so the head is not turned to so much of an extreme. Or a little of both to smooth out the neck. I also think I would make the shot either a full profile and eliminate that small part of the left eye or turn the head to include more of it. As it is I think that small part of the eye showing is more of an distraction. My thoughts and someone else may have different ideas. In any case a very good shot of a very lovely model.


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I agree with what Mr. Bautsch has already stated about the pose as well, it looks unnatural. I would also Photoshop the ear piercing, or have the model wear earrings. Additionally, we can clearly see the typical make-up line near the cheek and jaw, which isn't very flattering for this angle.

I also think the lighting is a little flat, though I do tend to favor contrasty images...so maybe that's just me.
Thank you all for your input - I'll send it back through editing to correct what I can of the image - or select a different image from the same part of the session which incorporates more of your suggestions.