HDR on a wet day


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I wanted to have another go at producing some HDR images that looked subtle rather than too harsh or obvious.

I used the DF and took 3 images with a stop difference and then put the images into Lightroom for very minor adjustments before merging into HDR.

I have only tried HDR once before using Nik HDR conversion so wanted to try Adobe.

I am happy with these but need to practice some more.



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Thank you all for the kind comments, it was certainly a new experience (not the bracketed shooting - but the processing).

I will try some more when the right subject matter offers itself but considering these are all handheld (including church interior shots), I am impressed with the lack of ghosting.

The last photo is of one of the oldest streets in our town that used to be the poor area in Victorian times but is now one of the most expensive streets, I had to use this crop due to cars being parked on the road that I wanted to avoid.

Dawg Pics

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I can't read enough of the inscription on the tomb, can you tell me who is in there? I have a morbid love of all things cemetery. Especially, cool looking tombs like that one. I like to read about the history if it is available. Which cemetery is it, if you don't mind?