Getting to grips with Picture Control ?


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I am a new owner of a new to me (reworked) Nikon F5600 purchased through Amazon, and am generally quite pleased with it, but I really have reached a brick wall with |a problem that has just occurred.

It may be to do with the fact that I have been switching Lenses as I have just taken delivery of a new (to me, but a reworked lens)) 8-140mm Nikon telephoto lens (also through Amazon) to go with the standard 18-55mm lens it came with, and I have spent the afternoon taking test shots with it. It all seemed to be working very well. but when I got back into the house, I switched back to the default 18-55 lens, and to my dismay, the LV switch on the mode selector dial no longer switches the graphic setup screen that is shown when the eyepiece is activated. No matter what I try, It remains stubbornly Black. If I press the "i" button while the black screen is showing, I do get the more limited display that shows Shutter speed, F stop and ISO setting in Black on light grey, and the standard 2 row (14 items) options bar that works as normal.

However as soon as flick the LV lever, the display switches back to black again.... I also note that the "i" button often shows the MOVIE options rather than the full photo setup, and I cannot work out what I must be changing in the Menu system to cause this mayhem.

I really miss the graphic display, so if anyone can please point me in the right direction to let me control my display and the menu options ? I would be really grateful for any help to sort these issues out.

Thanks in advance


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Fred Kingston

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Start by doing a reset... There are two GREEN dots on the top of your camera... one on each side, near a button, and/or on/in the button... Turn the camera ON, and hold the two green buttons down while watching the LCD screen on the top... It'll blink when it is reset... Then try your LV again.


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Thank you Fred, I found the two green spot buttons and held them for a few seconds and - PRESTO, my Graphics screens have re-appeared, so many thanks for that gem !!! Now all I gotta do is redo all the settings I played with in getting to know my new camera, and hopefully, just maybe, Identify what I did to loose them in the 1st place.

Watch this space - as the saying goes (very wisely)