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At a rather desolate Orange County (NY) Arboretum last week, in the dead spell between the last of the summer blooms and the start of winter festivities, I spotted a torii that was not there at my last visit. Everything was dull and muted around it, so I did the best I could to get an interesting shot by wedging myself into the base of a nearby evergreen:

Torii and Bell (1 of 1).jpg


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A menacing gargoyle is ready to pounce from the upper reaches of the former Southern Railway station in Salisbury, NC. [Kodachrome, 1991, Nikon N2020]

1991-08-10 002 Salisbury NC - for upload.jpg


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Witches hat turreted roof on former Seaboard railroad station at Hamlet, NC [Kodachrome, 1991, Nikon N2020 Body, Nikkor 50mm Lens]

1991-02 003 Hamlet NC - for upload.jpg
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Pacific County Courthouse, South Bend, WA

The courthouse was constructed in 1911 and remains fully operational today.

560_0161_01_E sm.jpg

560_0212_03_P_C sm.jpg