First Portrait Shoot - Opinions?


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I got my hands on the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII this weekend and found an hour or so to do some portraits.

Let me tell you - shooting portraits isn't exactly as easy as I thought. There's about 40 things that have to go on to get a great image - Is the aperture set right? ISO? Shutter Speed high enough? What's the focus mode? Is the subject posed in a flattering way? Is the hair right? Am I shooting into the sun?

TBH, half the time I forgot half of that stuff and just went with it. Somehow halfway between the last shoot I did and this one I ended up setting the camera to shoot JPEG instead of RAW which really kind of disappointed me when I got to LR. Turns out a lot of lens correction profiles and WB settings go out the window in JPEG.

Fortunately though, I really had a good time. I enjoy nothing more than seeing people's reaction to my photos and portraits generally manage to garner a good reaction when done right.

Looking for some feedback on these shots and anything I can do to improve. Also any resources that you can point me to for portraits would be great. (There's a million pieces of information on the Googles, and about half of them are contradictory.)