Dock Dogs!


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Well, this is a sport, just not a human sport.

The Pup and I went to the SouthEast Wildlife Expo today. The main reason was to take pictures of the Dock Dogs in action. We were a little disappointed that they didn't have a practice pool, like they did last time. There were few people watching the practice pool, so we had plenty of room to get the right angle etc. Things were pretty crowded at the main pool today, limiting our flexibility. A blotchy grey sky didn't help much either.


Not the best picture, but I wanted to show this guy. No, he doesn't have his right hind leg tucked up under him. He only has three legs. He's a real trooper.





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I'm ambivalent about this one. One the one hand, I really like it, despite the fact that I missed framing it the way I would choose, if I had had the time. Somehow it seems to miss the mark.


This may have been the best of the bunch.


I really like the repeating images of the banner, handler, dog. Again, I just missed proper framing, and cut off his nose to spite his face.:rolleyes:


And this illustrates the amazing athleticism of the dog.