D7100 + SB600 problem


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So for the first time since I got my D7100 I needed to bust out my flash to get a few shots in a bar where our homebrew club was having our annual Christmas party.

I put the SB600 on the camera and every time I'd go to take a picture, the flash would seem to fire two or three times at less than full power, then the shutter and the flash would both fire at the same time for the exposure. I was shooting in aperture priority, in either spot or center weighted metering It seems like very odd behavior - this didn't occur on my D40/SB-600 combo.

Also, if I hit the DoF preview button, the flash will make an odd noise and fire the flashbulb constantly until I let up.

Maybe this isn't an issue and it's normal - but it doesn't seem right. Any ideas?

- Don

Daniel Aegerter

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In i-TTL mode, the SB-700 is using monitor pre-flashes to measure the required flash output. The other thing is the modeling flash. Read the manual, all is explained there.

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