D7000 Repair "Is it worth it"


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Hi Everyone I have a D7000 it won't auto focus the attached lens. I tried cleaning the contacts with an eraser, no go! I got an estimate from Nikon of $350.00 to repair. I was not sure if that made sense. I did see other repair services online. I have only used Nikon for repair. I did fill out a repair estimate form on a website (VideoCamRepair) I got an email and estimate of $159.00 and the tech is listed as Art Kes Has anyone used them? I also got an estimate from Pro Camera fix in California $122.00 Any comments on them? Can anyone suggest a good repair place? Any thoughts or suggestions?
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If you search on eBay for "Completed" auctions/sales of the D7000, a basically "almost new, 500 shutter actuations) with all the original manuals, CDs, boxes, etc... is the range of $285.... Even at $150 for that camera, I'd have to think hard and long before repairing it versus chalk it up to bad luck and just getting a Newer version camera...


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The only other repair place I've heard of but haven't used personally is Authorized Camera Repair in Willow Grove , PA (outside of Philadelphia). Allen's Camera once mentioned using them for repair work. You could always call and get an estimate and see how it compares with the other estimates you already have.

Authorized Camera Repair ? Willow Grove ? Pennsylvania ? USA


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You didn't happen to switch the selector to manual?



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I looked at there website They have an estimate request form I am going to fill it out and request and estimate, if its under $150.00 I'm in.......