D7000 does not work in Auto or Auto/no flash


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I am new to this group and hope your collective wisdom can help me solve a problem with my D7000. The D7000 is my backup body so I don't use it all the time. Today I found that it will not take a picture in either Auto or Auto/no flash. I get an "r09" code which I think relates to the buffer. It will work in Auto if I switch to live view mode. It will work properly in M.A,S, or P mode. I'm at a loss. I've checked everything in the Menu setting but don't see anything to explain the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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The r09 is not an error code. It's there all the time. If you 1/2 press the shutter you should see it.

If it's working in Live View but not regular viewfinder...then that's an indication that one focus system is working and the other isn't. I'd remove the lens and try a different lens. If THAT resolves your problem, then there's an issue with one of the contacts... NOT unusual for a camera that doesn't get used much. Thoroughly clean the contacts on the body and the lens.

If you change menu A1, and A2 to "release"... It'll probably work. If set to focus, and you don't get "Focus lock" the camera won't fire. Of course, if simply changing it works, you might be golden, but it there's an issue for the focus, changing won't resolve the over-all problem which is the reason the lens/camera isn't getting a focus lock.
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Fred's suggestion is a good one. Let us know if it helps.