D70 sensor failure?


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I did find one problem with the new D200. The sub-command dial (front one) was not always responsive. It always worked eventually, but didn't always respond immediately.

I did a little web research and found it to be a pretty basic device with a disc with printed contacts and some wipers that made contact on the bottom side. I decided to do a little shade-tree camera repair. :)

Instead of trying to disassemble the camera, I carefully pried back the rubber directly underneath the dial and directed a quick squirt of Deoxit into the mechanism. BINGO! It now functions perfectly.

If you're not familiar with it, Deoxit is a wonderful thing to have around. I have the "Gold" and "Silver" versions in liquid form and the aerosol version of the "Silver". It has saved the day many times. Conventional hardware store aerosol "contact cleaner" often does more harm than good. Deoxit is safe and effective. It's also great for dirty or corroded battery holders in cameras and flash units which most of us have dealt with at one time or another.

I heard about it from a buddy in the electronics repair biz.

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