D500 custom settings - exposure compensation reset issue


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i would love to hear from anyone who can tell me why a function in my custom settings menu does not work ? It is in Custom Settings b Metering/ exposure - b4 Easy exposure compensation . When you select the option "On ( Auto reset) " then press ok it says "RESET" so when you use your Exposure Compensation let's say you put it at +1.0 to add more exposure to a shot to lighten it, then when you turn the camera off the auto reset function is now supposed to reset your Exposure Compensation back to 0 so you do not start shouting your next sets of shots with the previous setting that you had, in this case +1.0 . It seems like a nice feature to have but when I set mine and then when I turn off the camera and turn it back on it does not reset to 0? Does anyone else have this problem?
I have seen videos on kelby one and Lynda.com both talk about this feature but I cannot get it to work on my brand new camera. all other functions seem to work fine.
any thoughts greatly appreciated,
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I don't shoot the D500 so I don't know what it is suppose to do. However, if it did automatically reset exposure compensation to 0 from +1.0, I can see someone complaining about continually having to reset the exposure compensation everytime they turn off and on the camera!


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Are you making the changes with the 'easy' method? Only changes made 'easy' via the command wheel only will be reset to where they where prior using the 'easy'. Not necessarily to 0. So if you set +1 in the usual way (Button + wheel), then set +2 via the wheel only, it will revert back to +1 after it resets. This is how my d7200 works, just tried it. Got that info from pushing the ? on the camera while in the menu.


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I just had exactly the same question and you are absolutely correct! After I read your response, I tried it on my D500. Button + Wheel is persistent; Wheel only, resets with the AutoReset ON. I'm still getting to know the D500, the manual is a little short on explanations.

Thanks for your answer.