D4 - card may be damaged error.


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I have been using my Nikon D4 for a few months now. On the last few shoots a card failure has come up (This memory card can not be used - card may be damaged error.) which stops me shooting, this clears when I remove the battery and put it back in. In one of these instances I lost all my images when downloading my files from CF card to laptop and could not be recovered with software.

The camera was sent away to H. Lehmann Ltd camera repairs for a checkup where no fault was found, however, the issue persisted. I bought a new card reader and CF card to identify if that was the problem but again the problem occurred on a recent shoot. To recover shots from these shoots I have had to use file recovery software and the issue occurs at random points in the shoot with either card.

Not sure how to proceed as Lehmann can't identify a problem but equally using file recovery software and hoping the files don’t disappear is not a sustainable solution either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...



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Yes a test with a XQD card might be in order. Also, you might need to have Nikon check the camera out.