D300 $195.00 with 186,000 actuations


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I figured i would take a gamble on it since I have heard of so many of these going well above 300K actuations and it is going to be a backup body. It turns out that I really have fallen in love with this camera and hope my gamble pays off and that i can get a couple of years out of it. If it lasts me through my European vacation next September i will not complain. I never thought I would find such performance in a 10 year old body.

Steve in Oz

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I today picked up a D300 with less than 50,000 actuations for $250 Australian (just under $195 US). I got it as a back-up for my D7200 after two nights ago shooting a charity rock concert. I was alternating between doing the on-stage stuff (tungsten, ISO 3200, manual exposures) and the dressing room for 'backstage' shots of the artists (switch the speedlight on, change to ISO320 and aperture-priority auto). By the end of the night I was convinced that a second body with my 10-24 and a speedlight attached would have saved me some stress.

Ten years ago, the D300 cost $2900 Australian ($2225 US). It is still today a good camera. Don't overlook it!