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I found a weird issue with my z6ii while setting it up/operating with z186 on a tripod + gimble head: occasionally, there came a tiny "wiggle" sound and movement from between the camera and the lens when I unintentionally turned my hand that was holding the camera. So I checked the connection and tested turning the camera purposely to see if it was my false detection previously. But it did wiggle and move a notch! And consistently so. I released z6ii from z186 (z186 stayed on the tripod) and connected both again. The issue persisted. Thinking if the body or the lens causes it, I then tested z6ii with z24-120 and z20. All had the same issue only that z24-120 moves (twisted) a little less than z186 and z20 a little less than z24-120. Three lenses with the body all twist and wiggle a little! (when fixing the lens and turning the body)

It seems that no negative effect is placed on the normal operation of the camera system. On all tests and uses, the system never disconnected. I wonder if this is a normal design spec or a defect case with my z6ii? Have any z users (or DSLR users) noticed this issue? And so repair is needed or the issue is dismissed? Appreciate your input and help.

PS. I remember when I used my z6ii with Sigma 150-600 and FTZ, this issue was very noticeable then too.
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I’ve noticed very slight rotational play on my z6, z7ii and zf with longer, heavier lenses. I haven’t noticed it unless the lens weighs more than the body and even then, it’s almost imperceptible. I’ve heard some adapters work well with the 6&7 but end up being uncomfortably tight on the 8&9. I haven’t used any adapters and I don’t have an 8 or 9 to compare to. They might have tightened up the flange tolerance on the bigger, badder cameras.


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The thread is long! The OP's system (z9+70-200) rocking issue is way over the rotational play I found on my system. The final turnout from Nikon repair is it's not due to the body/lens mount but the defect of the body cover. Yet the first time from Nikon's investigation on the rotational play was reported as a normal mechanical contact tolerance after comparing it with other Z9s. So be dismissed. I tend to follow.

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Did you try after mounting to hold the lens (small one) and turn (rotate) the body to notice any tiny movement?
Z 24-70mm f/4 has about 0.5mm rotational movement
Z MC 105mm f/2.8 has about 0.5mm rotational movement
FTZ-II has about 0.5mm rotational movement on the Z-mount. 70-200mm f/2.8G VR also has a 0.5mm rotational movement on the F-mount
D750 with 24-120mm f/4 has about 0.5mm rotational movement (F-mount)
D600 with a near-vintage AF Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 again has estimated 0.5mm rotational movement

No rocking motion demonstrated on any but tried.

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