Cave Photography Course offered in and near Mammoth Cave National Park


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Two-day special...take the course for $250, that's half the normal price. Contact [email protected] for registration information. Space is very limited!

Cave Photography, June 10-14, Dr. Dave Bunnell

The Hoffman Environmental Research Institute through the Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning and Western Kentucky University, are offering a unique Cave Photography course this summer. The instructor, Dr. Dave Bunnell, is published in works such as National Geographic and National Speleological Society News.

The course will focus on multiple flash photography in sections of Mammoth Cave, with subjects ranging from close-ups, speleothems, action shots, passages, entrances, and big rooms. Electronic flash, flashbulbs, natural light, show cave lighting, and LED lights will all be used as light sources, singly or in combination. Various optical and radio slave trigger systems will be used in class exercises. Students will also learn basic and advanced techniques for processing their images in Adobe Photoshop, and at the end we will craft a short multimedia presentation displaying the best of the week's photographic efforts.

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I would assume that you'll need a lot of portable battery powered lighting equipment to illuminate the subjects inside a cave.

Sounds interesting.
I love caves but one of the qualifications is to be in good shape. Bad knees, bad back and rotator cuff surgery at teh end of this month with a 3 month recovery time I don't think I could handle it.


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I wish it was closer. We have some caverns in Marianna FL, which is about 120 miles from here. Really eat stuff, they go down to about 100 feet below the surface level.


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Went to Natural Bridge Caverns a couple weekends ago and took my camera. I shouldn't have bothered. It was so humid inside the cave I couldn't get the condensation off the lens and be able to take a picture before it was fogged up again.