brand new to nikon camera d40x


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As a new user of this camera, what would you suggest I start with in my settings? If auto mode, then what should follow in this setting to achieve best pictures?
If in a manual mode, what would you suggest. Believe me, I need all the help I can get.


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It depends on what you want to take pictures of. You can start out in auto mode and as you learn what effect you want to achieve you can adjust accordingly. Pay attention to what settings the camera is choosing, in particular the aperture and shutter speed. Experiment with different focal lengths (I assume you have the 18-55mm kit lens). Try taking the same shots at different settings and review your results.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I have both the 18-55 as well as 55-200 I will try taking pictures in diff modes until I understand. Someone told me they keep the 55-200 om the camera at all times. I think until I understand the degree of what the 18-55 can do, I will keep that lens on the camera. One more thing, do you have to format the SD card only once, or each time you remove to print pics and reinsert?