Blurry Images D3


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I'm almost embarrassed to be asking this question. . . I have never had this issue before and I cannot figure out what I must have done. I took 1000 pictures at a ballet show today and every single photo was blurry. I took the same 1000 pictures yesterday at the previous show and every picture was sharp and in focus. Settings were the same; pretty low light so 1/250, F2.8, ISO 3200. Lens 70-200mm. Like I said, everything yesterday was the same. I'm thinking I accidentally pushed a button on my camera without knowing it because it was very dark in the audience, but I don't know what I did. Does anyone have any ideas? I've been taking live action dance pictures for 8 years and I have never done this before.



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Well according to this site, that means Manual mode on the D3 so the Autofocus will not work and you need to focus manually on the lens, to Autofocus this needs to be on S (Single Servo) or C (Continuous)

Let’s look at the M-S-C switch first. This is a 3-position rotary switch on the front of the camera. It is just below the lens release button on the right, as you are looking at the camera. It has 3 positions: M, S and C. Lets call this the FRONT switch to avoid confusion.
You might think that M, S and C stand for Manual, Single shot and Continuous shooting. However, these terms might not mean exactly what you expect.
M does stand for ‘manual’ focus. The M setting mechanically disengages the focus motor from the lens, so you must focus the lens manually. In M mode, the shutter will fire whether your subject is in focus or not. The green in-focus icon within the viewfinder can be used to tell when you’re in focus, but I find just using the image on the ground glass easier and more accurate.