Best settings for sharable videos?


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For the very fist time since way back when I got my D750, I used the video recording feature on a camera. I took a 12-second and a 14-second video of truck pulls at the county fair.

I know nothing about video recording and used whatever the default settings were in my Z 7II. The video (and audio) was impressive, but the file size of the 14-second video was 92MB; hardly sharable.

What is the recommend method or settings for sharable videos? Can they still be full-screen size without being enormous files? Better yet, is there a good tutorial on-line somewhere or a popular/reputable reference book I could pick up that would get me up to speed on the Z 7II's video functioning?

Thanks for any tips!

EDIT TO ADD: Oh wait... I already have a book that covers that! The Darrell Young book has a section on movies but I skipped it when reading the book the first time. Time to pick that book back up!
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If I am trying to keep file sizes small with my Z6, I'll record in 1080p 24 FPS in crop mode. You can also use crop mode in 4K but its still double the file size as 1080, (4k is always a massive file and I dont have anything that displays 4K, so all my recording has been 1080 except for tests). Increase the FPS if the subject increases in speed, ie; sports or if you plan on doing some slo-mo in a later edit. That being said, the Z7's files are inherently huge, much bigger than the Z6. I can squeeze my files down enough to share through Snapbridge and then through text, I dont upload to youtube. Not sure if it'll be the same outcome for the Z7. Let us know what Darryl Young has to say.


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YouTube automatically encodes the video as you upload. Still takes a while to do that upload though.

Thanks. I was able to share my first video clip by uploading it to YouTube as "unlisted" so it would be seen only by folks I provided links to. It took about 20 minutes to upload the default 1080 60P video to YouTube.