Advantages and disadvantages of D40

You ever shot with a lowly D40 before Don? They are pretty damn stout... And Canon didn't have a damn thing to do with the D40 I promise you. The D40 will mount practically ever F mount Nikkor ever made...D7100 won't do that...there are lots of things to consider...don't just think it can be curtly dismissed because like I said a D600 or D800 in the rain might fail you before a D40.

Canon. No. Equal. NIKON! Not on their best day...not even a D6...LMAO!

Again, I was Not serious at all . I am going to go take two Percocet and get my shoulder to quite hurting and go to bed.


Opiates are not good for you sir...You are supporting the Taliban...LOL

​Good night buddy it is all good...I think I'd rather have a D5100 than a D40... :)
Down to only taking them before bed. Still having trouble sleeping in the bed. End up getting up early morning and sleeping in my recliner. Shoulder still hurts when trying to sleep.

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