Adobe Camera Raw Question About Color


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I have Savage backgrounds with twin SK400 strobes at 4&8 o'clock positions.

I did a session with a model on Sunday and I noticed I was not getting the same color black that I got for the blonde model.
Same lens, camera, and at F/2.8.
Anyone see any other differences that could explain why when I adjust the black setting in ACR it goes to purple?

Raw files are here


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It appears the exposure is not the same. There also appears to be a difference in white balance. I don't use ACR , how I would approach would be to lower the exposure on the second until the backgrounds match, then bring back the model in that image by raising the highlights and and mid tones. But I like the darker background
Were the strobes in the same location and and intensity? One thing you might find helpful is making a custom white balance for use in your studio when you use your strobes if the color temp is close across the intensity range.