70-300 strange things happening


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A friend sent me the following question and I have no idea based on his description what is going on. Any ideas please?

Hello Peter. Having major issues with my Nikon 70-300mm. It will auto focus at 300mm but not very often between 70 to 150mm. It won't even focus with the manual ring when this happens. Any ideas what could cause this? Sometimes when you go from 70mm to 300mm there is a strange electrical noise coming from it.

The exact model is AF-P 70-300mm 4 5 to 5.6E (full frame version). I have cleaned the electrical contacts on the lens and body. I have also tried different focus modes but nothing makes a difference. When you look through the lens when zooming in and out sometimes when you get the buzzing noise the picture/Scene does a zig zag movement. Very strange. My other lens works correctly.


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I seem to recall another person having a similar problem. It was a gear in the focus system. Will try to locate the conversation.