7 months in with the Z5 and my thoughts now.

BF Hammer

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I have to admit I struggle still with some things with this camera. Two weeks ago I tried taking Milky Way photos, but rediscovered that you cannot use the intervalometer in manual mode. It rudely reminded me I needed to be in A or P mode to use the feature. I started a sequence in A mode as I walked to my bag and retrieved my external intervalometer. Stopped that series after 23 shots and continued the old-fashioned way. I had my old D750 shooting right next to it not complaining at all about shooting 99 long-exposure 20 second photos in manual mode. I think I read that limitation last winter, but then forgot about it entirely. I also had trouble trying to zoom in the view for using a star to manual focus. D750 was a breeze to do this with the Liveview.

I have not done it yet, but I think I will be setting the liveview to blank the viewfinder/screen as it takes photos to replicate what you see in an optical viewfinder. Tracking motion with the action freezing in view as you snap a burst of exposures really messes up my brain and makes me want to stop moving the camera.

Once I bought a 2nd L-bracket that is a clone of the Smallrig bracket, the camera has become easier to handle. The bracket forms to the shape of the entire bottom except widens a bit where your pinky lands at the grip side. Nice touch on that.

The lack of a built-in flash still concerns me, but truly I have not used flash much for the past 8 years. And I already have 2 Nikon speedlights if needed. I bring the old SB-400 for potential fill-flash use.

I still have not addressed the issue of my Tamron 90mm macro lens not working with the camera. This can be fixed by Tamron but not with downloadable firmware. A circuit board has to be changed. I just use it on my D750 for macro work now. Eventually I will have the Z-105mm macro lens.

There has been no issues with my remaining F-mount lenses adapting to the Z5. Even the Sigma 150-600mm C lens is happy on the Z5. I have been using the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G lens adapted a lot on this body.

Color profile. That has been disappointing. I tend to apply the D750 standard color profile in post a lot. The Z5 color is too desaturated to the point that what I see as blue sky looks mostly gray when I first import the Raw images. JPEGs are not that much better. I have experimented with loading custom color profiles on camera too. It is a work in progress, slightly low on the priorities since I can just apply the D750 profile in post.

I am getting the hang of the autofocus tracking more. But I forget about activating it sometimes.

I keep forgetting that the screen is a touch interface. When I do remember, I move through the interface faster. But the buttons work to move through the stuff.

I sometimes try to look for battery power left on the missing LCD panel on top. That is a step down from all my older DSLRs. I think my next Z body should have it back.

So a lot of that is small stuff. Kind similar to what I would deal with if I had jumped brands. I think I will update again after a year's use.


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I've had my Z5 for about the same amount of time. I doubt I have used mine as much as you, mainly because of external situation, not because I don't want to get out and take pictures with it.

While it is certainly not the perfect camera, I have been very happy with mine. I don't often use it for things that require full manual. I leave it in aperture preferred almost all the time and keep an eye on my exposures, adjusting with exposure override.

Probably my biggest complaint is the AF area joystick is positioned so that the little red box almost always ends up in one of the corners sometime during the shoot.

Most of my problems with it have been a result of not knowing, or using the appropriate option the camera gives me. It definitely has had a higher learning curve than any camera I've owned short of the Argus C4 that I started with, and that was mainly because I knew nothing at all about photography when my dad gave it to me.

I'm also a little nervous about the sensor being quite so exposed during lens changes. I've already had to use one of the cleaning wands on it to remove some oily residue that managed to get on the sensor. Thought I was going to have to spring for a new sensor when that cropped up. I've never had to clean the more protected sensor on my DSLR. Even for things like dust.

IMO it is a great camera. Probably not for everyone, but for better or worse, it's ilk is probably the face of digital photography for years to come.

The native mount lenses for this system are a cut above, both in my limited experience, and from nearly all the reviews I've seen.

Like most things in life, it's a mixed bag. But I've been quite pleased with that bag so far.

Fred Kingston

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[MENTION=48483]BF Hammer[/MENTION] Can't you export the D750 color profile to an SD card, and then Import that profile to the Z5 as a Custom profile?