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  • Editor in Chief for PlanetNikon Photographer, magazine. Check out the magazine on FACEBOOK, it is free to download. Printed copy is available for a fee. If you are interested in having your images published in the next issue, contact us after you have a look at the format. Unlike some sites, all copyright remains with you, we do not resell your images, keep the copyrights in perpetuity etc. They are only used in conjunction with the publication and to promote the publication and nothing more.


    my email for the magazine
    [email protected]

    Note: on the download page on Facebook, there is a little clock symbol with a circle around it. Click that, download version 2 or History 2.... we fixed a typo!

    Thanks for the reply and info, only just found it! I suppose you use a tripod too. In the past I used to go around with a SLR/200mm but these days I like compact digital cameras as they are always with me. I use a S9200 at present but I am considering the P7700 as I really need manual focus. Anyway I was going to upload my last egret photo in B/W for you to look at but I cannot find a way without publishing it. I may publish it anyway, though its not that great. Beautiful shot you took of the last egret. Here the egrets hang around the tractors that plow the rice fields, maybe I should hitch a ride with one as the egrets seem to have no fear of the driver or tractor despite fishing close under the wheels. But as soon as I arrive, still 100 yards away, they all clear off.
    Hi Janfe,

    I use a Nikon 300mm f4 and a Nikon 1.4EII Teleconverter. This gives me 420mm. NOT ENOUGH. Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America and there are people everywhere. The wildlife by the end of the summer, get more accustomed to seeing people and don't fly away unless you get too close. Really, you should be using 400mm +. The guys I see with the best images all have 600mm.

    It comes down to MONEY! ;) Building a BLIND is the next thing to do if you can't get a big lens. I am going to be buying one some time in the next year. That way, you sit in it and let the birds come to you. I know my area of the parks like the bag of my hand and it is easy to set up a blind and wait.

    Hope this helps.

    Great shot of the egret swallowing a fish. I am surrounded by egrets here in Taiwan but they always take off long before I get close enough for a shot. What camera and lens would you recommend me for my wildlife photography??
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