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    SB-910 vs SB-900

    Hi All,
    Doe's anyone have or know about the SB-910 Nikon Flash.I went to NikonUSA to compare them.
    All I found was that the SB-900 had ( multi-point AF ) . Everything was the same.
    The SB-900 is higher in price. Normal when a new model comes out the new one is higher and the older one goes lower..
    Just looking for a new flash.

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    SB-910 vs SB-900

    I bought a used 900 earlier this year and it's a great unit.. They seem to be almost identical. The one thing I did notice in my research was that the 900 can overheat and switch off while it cools down if you take lots of consecutive shots. It's not happened to me but I don't push it too hard. Have a look at the forums regarding this and see if it's likely to affect you.
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    Re: SB-910 vs SB-900

    I have an SB-910. I have used it continuous enough to drain a fresh set of batteries and have had no issues I can see with heating.

    If you want to see a side by side comparison, go here:

    Nikon SB-900 vs. SB-910 Speedlight comparison | Nikon Rumors

    Typically, the old flash drops in price when the new one comes out. The SB-900 is no different. Anyone trying to get more is .... not sure how to put it nicely. The SB-910 is superior, if you are looking for a flash, get the newest one. For the price difference, it isn't worth it in my opinion to buy older technology.
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    Re: SB-910 vs SB-900

    I have a SB600, SB800, and added a SB900 just about a month ago and really like it. I picked it up for $265.00 and it is like new with the case filters stand and box. I am very happy with it and just could not justify spending $550.00 dollars for the SB910 when I got this one for about half the price. Jeff
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    Re: SB-910 vs SB-900

    Hi Joe,
    I spent weeks looking on places like ebay, etc for a used SB900, and they were asking for silly money so I thought I would buy myself a new one.
    I was not disappointed. This is very clever little beast of a machine! It does all it says on the can (and more) and as far as overheating is concerned, I've done loads of strobe work and it hasn't let me down yet.
    Go for it!

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