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    Re: DIY Flash Grid

    I have a great deal of gear, but I too also like to make things, HATS off to you, it may be no less than buying but the satisfaction of needing something and making it

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    Re: DIY Flash Grid

    DIY Flash Grid
    Slight variation on the theme here.

    A "Beer Cozy" Grid

    In this case a "Credit Union Cozy" Grid as the bit of swag I used came from a Calgary Credit Union.
    I used styrene tubes I had in my model railroading building materials box. But I suppose straws would work. Styrene glues really nicely though. (I'm sure crazy glue would hold straws - whatever works for you). The rubber band isn't holding the tubes together - it keeps the glued tubes from sliding inside the cozy. I suppose if I'd added another layer of tubes it would have been tight enough not to move inside the cozy. But the rubber band seems to do the trick.

    Made my tubes 1" long - just because.

    The cut the bottom part of the beer cozy out and folded it under - that made it fit snug on the speedlight.

    Interesting pattern on the test fire against the wall.
    the SB-700 was on full manual power and was about 2 meters from the wall.

    DIY Flash Grid-dsc_9224_dxo.jpgDIY Flash Grid-dsc_9230_dxo.jpgDIY Flash Grid-dsc_9237_dxo.jpg
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