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    D90 Menu button not working

    I replaced the main board due to the LCD not working. It did come on but it only had lines on the screen. For some reason the Menu button, when pressed, does not work. The LCD screen is blank. All other buttons seem to function as they should. I have verified that none of the other buttons are stuck. I verified that the ribbon cables are connected correctly and the LCD works as it should when using other function buttons (I.E. Info). Keep in mind that the Menu button did not work with the original main board in it either. Does anyone have any idea why it would not work?

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    Re: D90 Menu button not working

    D90 Menu button not working
    I am not a camera tech but after looking at a D-90service manual it appears they are using a button scheme similar to a silent keyboard. When you press the button a conductive rubberized material (#421) contacts the rear FPC unit. I have had mixed result cleaning the rubberized material and contacts, for key boards.

    Look for break in the ribbon cable here.
    D90 Menu button not working-d90.jpg

    You should be able to test the button function with an ohm meter.

    Just some ideas. Good luck.

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    Re: D90 Menu button not working

    Thanks for the reply. I will give that a shot and see what happens. I removed the metal support and inspected the ribbon cable and the back of the button itself and they appeared to be in good condition. I will ohm the button and the flex cable to eliminate them.

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    Re: D90 Menu button not working

    After further testing, I discovered that two of the ribbon cable contacts that plug into the main board were broken. I'll have to order another FPC cable. When it arrives I'll install it and post whether it fixed the problem or not.
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