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    "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    My husband put my name on the waiting list at our local camera shop to be notified when the D850 became available. He got a phone call this morning that they have a handful of them and wanted an immediate decision whether or not I was going to take one because they had 20 people standing there ready to buy. Oh my goodness, this is going to avalanche into a lot of money, but I figured having the support of your spouse on such an extreme indulgence is half the battle, right? (Maybe because this summer he got the Sony A9 and the G-master 100-400! ) And they have them there right now - how soon before another shipment comes in? Yesterday Amazon said the wait was 2-4 months!

    I only have one FX lens right now. The 50mm 1.8G. My laptop is already bogged down with all the files I have on it. Lightroom is very slow and at times "not responding" and I have to reboot. Technically speaking, I'm just not ready for this!

    .... but I hate to pass it up.

    If you could get ONE FX lens to get you started, which one would you get? I know which one I want, but it's not the most versatile.

    Edit: Coincidentally Pictureline is also having a KEH Gear buy back event today, tomorrow & Saturday. What do I trade in? I probably don't need both the D5500 and D500 anymore (should I decide to purchase the D850 that is) and several of my lenses rarely see the light of day.

    If you were me, would you wait to see how much you were enjoying the D850 before giving up the D500? Assuming you couldn't really justify owning (afford) both.

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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    You could always buy it and not use it, until you are ready.
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    Because you have had to ask i would say wait for the next lot,not that i would wait
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    Wait before getting the D850 and enjoy using the D500
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    Keep your D500 and buy a 70-200 (either F4 or 2.8 both are great except for the weight of the 2.8) and buy a used D800 or 810.
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    If I were in your shoes I would buy the 850, keep the 500 and sell the 5500 and Buy Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens. The Tamron seems to be a really good lens. It is on my current short list as it is.
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    Since your laptop is already struggling with the large files, my suggestion is to skip the D850 for now and use your D500. The D500 is no slouch and is quite capable of handling the tasks it is given. Down the road, there will be sales and incentives for bodies (possibly coupled with lens combos). You'd do better to wait for one of those specials since you seem to need more FX glass.
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    Buy it and while you are saving for lenses, I can use it and test it thoroughly for a few months....for free
    Seriously, it depends on what you shoot whether you could really get your month's worth out of it. The body is the lowest cost part of your kit, lenses adding up to be much more. Your D500 is such a good camera it is really doubtful you NEED anything except maybe lighting and a few better lenses.
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    I say pass. Other than want, I read no reason to get it at this time and plenty of reasons NOT to get it in your writing.
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    Re: "My" D850 is in (should I decide to accept)

    You might be able to buy it now, and resell it at a profit on Ebay
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