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    Re: FX Lenses on D7500

    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono_ACE View Post
    It's a compelling suggestion, as the D7200 can be bought CHEAP these days. I guess I was thinking I wanted that Bluetooth/SnapBridge feature on the D7500, although I've read that SnapBridge has had its problems. It would be nice, while traveling, to be able to upload a photo to Facebook on the spot. It's probably not a deal-breaker for me, however.
    I agree. If I were shopping for a sub D500 today, I'd opt for the D7200 over the D7500 all day.

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    Re: FX Lenses on D7500

    One additional point to the D7200 is its ability to use AF glass that does not contain a focus motor. You can purchase older quality glass for much less. The D7200 can drive these lenses because it contains the motor for focusing as well.

    There is a bunch of glass out there that is AF and does not contain a motor. 85 f1.4 comes to mind quickly and it is a very good lens. Also the 50 f1.8D for about $100... and these are just a few.

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    Re: FX Lenses on D7500

    The D7500 does contain a screwdrive focus motor so can drive AF lenses.

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    Re: FX Lenses on D7500

    My Nikkor AF-50 (1986 vintage, prior to the D version) works great on this camera!
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