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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    "EXhausted Battery"  indication
    Finally: "blown fuse on the motherboard" is their explanation today. So many questions regarding that: why should the fuse blow so soon after the major replacement of the motherboard ? Why should there be a fuse, liable to blow, in a place inaccessible to the average user ? What is wrong with my camera and with the service centre in my town ?

    Anyway, they took five days and wanted a charge of $10 for replacement of that fuse. You can imagine what my response was to that request !

    So, is there anyone wants to buy a very slightly used D7200 kit, now in working order ? I think I have had enough of it.

    Meanwhile, a couple of pictures from my Nikon-less expedition courtesy of my iPhone Xs Max:"EXhausted Battery"  indication-img_5559-photo-m-.jpg"EXhausted Battery"  indication-img_6056-photo-medium-.jpg

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