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    Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens


    I might have the wrong thread for this question, but I am new to the forum and have an urgent question!

    I have a Nikon D3000 and I dropped it yesterday. The lens popped off the body of the camera and now I am unable to reattach the lens, as I believe it needs a screw, or a part replacement (as it looks like it is just the plastic that is damaged. Nothing seems to be ripped out in the way of wires or the circuit boards, and the lens is still intact.

    I am in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, but will be traveling to Bangkok tomorrow and I have heard that AV Cameras are quite good with repairs, but I was really hoping to hear that it is a simple fix so I am not thinking about it on the 9 hour train ride from the South?

    I am traveling for another month and would like to avoid buying a new lens, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! I have attached some photos to help!

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens-img_1711.jpg  

    Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens-img_1712.jpg  

    Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens-img_1716.jpg  

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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    18-55 lenses are cheap. (at least they are in my country) I would suggest just buying another one...even a used one. As for the camera, I'd take it to a Nikon repair shop and have it checked out. After a drop, who knows what damage may have occurred inside. And I would suggest you use the strap that came with the camera to avoid this happening again!

    By the way, I never heard of a 15-88 Nikon lens. I'm pretty sure you meant 18-55, right?
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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    Hi Jack,

    Yes sorry inverted the numbers, 18-55mm lens. Thank you, I will see what they can do, if it isn't a simple repair I will just buy the same lens, perhaps second hand.


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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    Ouch, looks like more damage than my broken bayonet mount. For what it's worth, I have a thread here where I replaced the mount on my 18-55, but it looks like your lens might need more work than that


    I agree with the suggestion about repairs, but based on my conversation with the US support team, the cost to repair might exceed the $100 price tag for a new lens here in the US.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    Agree, that lens is cheap as chips, better off getting your camera body looked into
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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    What would the value be for the pictures of captured memories in your remaining month of travel --- if they were not fantastic due to a faulty repaired lens?

    You can't go back for a months worth of "do overs".

    Replace the lens with a new one and perhaps the damaged one can be traded in towards a discount on a new one.
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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    Good Advice, I hope that the first impact was first to the lens, which will lesson a bit the effect on the camera, have you tried another lens to check the camera, Nikon cameras are tough, but that was a hard drop.

    I have dropped more then one SLR, and had a similar drop with my D80 and 18x200 lens, snapped apart just like yours, I had it fixed, but it was never really the same, and I ended up eventually selling it for spare parts. So,, I would stick to the advice of the forum, and personally buy another lens.

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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    Whats the cheapest price of 18-55 lens? I am looking to buy one. Even used one will do. Please reply?

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    Re: Broken D3000 15-88mm Lens

    Quote Originally Posted by Harjeet View Post
    Whats the cheapest price of 18-55 lens? I am looking to buy one. Even used one will do. Please reply?
    Your profile does not indicate where in the world you are so it's impossible to give specific suggestions.

    Check eBay.
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