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SO at last a new camera was mine, an ex-rental Nikon D2x, it fell of the back of a camera hire company through Ebay and a cheekily low offer I got a camera that a few years earlier had been the industry standard for pro news photographers, sports togs and anyone who wanted a camera that could be used to bang nails in with. Was it perfect? no the hotshoe was loose and didn't work properly, but again a step in the right direction so much faster in operation than the S2 7 fps burst mode and much faster buffering, excellent.

Which is better D5000 or D700?-moon-29.jpg

While I agree with those who say that you don't need the newest of best kit to take the best photos, this is true, to a point, its obvious that every new step makes it easier to get that shot you want, to be able to take what your mind sees. The purchase of the D2x made me do 2 things: 1 buy bigger memory cards, 2 start shooting RAW, as up until this the speed of saving a RAW file was just too slow.

So suddenly instead of taking 1-200 shots at a festival I suddenly jumped to 600+, it was so easy although the lack of flash was a nusicance, I had to purchase a flash bracket and use the interface cable port, turning a big heavy camera into something with the mass of a small moon.

Which is better D5000 or D700?-cockrock-2011-0378.jpgWhich is better D5000 or D700?-reg_1231.jpg

So that was it, I could take a good photo, I had the kit, the skills were growing and I was know in the area for being hard working, reliable, professional (but happy to join in and have a laugh with friends organisers) surely it was only a matter of time before people wanted to pay me for this stuff............. right?
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